Sociology Minor Overview

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The discipline of Sociology focuses on understanding how society and culture act as social contexts shaping human identity, understanding and relationships. Studying sociology develops one’s capacity to think critically about the social embeddedness of one’s own and other’s behavior. 

Additionally, as a social science, sociology explicitly attends to the scientific analysis of the social causes and consequences of social inequality and other major social justice issues. Sociological course work is valuable whatever field of endeavor one pursues, but it is particularly useful to those seeking advanced study in the social sciences, social work, public health, criminal justice or law.

The minor in sociology requires a total of 18 credit hours, to include:

A grade of C or better is required in each upper division course of the minor. It is highly recommended that students seeking a minor in sociology consult with appropriate sociology faculty regarding course selections.

More information about courses offered in Sociology can be found on the University Catalog.