Communication Overview

Communication classroom

Interested in learning more about communication? You’ve come to the right place. Choose from among a major or minor in Communication or a major in Business Communication or Strategic Communication.  


A major or minor in Communication helps students learn to integrate and exchange knowledge, to achieve goals, to effect social action and to analyze and evaluate the uses of oral and written communication in the conduct of human affairs. Communication students develop critical skills in the art and science of written and oral communication.

Students will gain an understanding of communication, which includes historical, philosophical, ethical, social, political and cultural dimensions. Rockhurst students also learn the ethical responsibility of the communicator to develop intellectual and moral integrity.

Business Communication

The Business Communication major is an interdisciplinary major that combines courses in communication, business, journalism and English. Through communication courses, students examine the theory and practice of communication in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal interactions, organizations, small groups and the mass media. Students also take courses in marketing, economics, accounting and finance, as well as upper division English or journalism courses in business writing, technological writing, writing for the marketplace and writing for the media.

The Business Communication major prepares students for a wide variety of careers as communication specialists in business, industry, government and nonprofit organizations. For example, students may choose such diverse fields as media relations, investor relations, public relations and advertising or employee communication. 

Our students gain a liberal understanding of human communication and media, and are prepared for entry into academic or professional fields including those in business, the arts, journalism, industry, education, health and public service, as well as graduate study. 

Strategic Communication

The Strategic Communication major focuses on the critical and analytical thinking and practical skills required in contemporary communication. Courses are designed to help students understand how strategic communication can support personal, professional and organizational objectives.

Students learn to engage in written and oral communication that is goal-oriented, mindful and ethical. They develop the ability to critique and create effective messages for specific audiences and situations. Through real-world problem solving, Strategic Communication majors learn to apply communication tools across a variety of communication contexts. Our students gain the skills that are necessary to become effective, strategically oriented communication professionals, regardless of industry.