Business Communication

Business communication classroom

The major in Business Communication is an interdisciplinary degree requiring upper division coursework in communication, business and journalism.

The B.A. in Business Communication also requires two semesters of college-level study of one language other than English. This requirement may be fulfilled by completing two semesters of college-level literature in one language other than English. In either case, these two courses must be taken for college credit.

Communication (6 hours): Six hours of upper-division courses are required

Writing (12 hours): The upper-division writing requirements included course from communication and journalism.

Business (9 hours): Required coursework in business includes a total of three courses or nine hours. It is recommended, though not required, that the three courses come from one of three areas within the business component: public relations, advertising, and communication; international communication; and managerial communication.

Business Communication majors are required to compete in either the Dowling Oratory Contest or the Bourke Extemporaneous Speaking Contest to complete major requirements. A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course required for the major. (A grade of C- will not satisfy the requirement.

Details about the business communication degree can be found on the catalog web page.