If you are interested in becoming a desk assistant, volunteering to help students move into housing, need a form for housing, you are on the right page.  If you have any questions or can't find what your looking for contact Rockhurst Office of Residence Life at 816-501-4663.

Move-In Volunteers:
Move-in day for residence life is August 19, 2016, at 7 a.m. and we always need move in volunteers.  Our move-in volunteers help students and parents move items into our residence halls. This is a great way to meet our new students, welcome back our upperclassman and meet their families.  Sign up here:  Move in Volunteer

Housing Contract Agreement:
All residents are required to follow the conditions outlined in our Housing Contract Agreement - please take a few minutes to read the information.
Residence Life Contract 2016-2017 (PDF) 
Residence Life Contract 2015-2016 (PDF) 

Incident Report:
Our incident reports are for students to report information to the Residence Life head staff.  If you have a roommate issue, a problem with your room or floor, or if you have something positive to report please complete the Incident Report.

Under the Age of 18 when moving into a Residence Hall:
If at the time you move into a residence hall and are under the age of 18 you and your parents must sign the contract agreement form and mail it to the office of residence life.  The mailing address is: 1100 Rockhurst Road, Kansas City, Mo 64110.
Housing Agreement for Students under the age of 18 (PDF) 

FERPA and Residence Life:
Students 18 and older in the residence life system must have a FERPA form on file with the Registrar office for us to release any information to a parent or guardian. Our office also deals with student misconduct, we can not release information to parent or guardian unless the student has completed a FERPA.
FERPA Form (PDF)   

Residency Exemption:
Rockhurst has a residency requirement that requires all full-time students to live with their parents or on campus unless they meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • Students classified as a junior have completed 60 hours post high school with at least a "C" average or who have lived on campus for four semesters
  • Students who are age 23 or older
  • Students who have completed active, full-time military service
  • Students who have a spouse or dependents living with them

Student who want to live with their parents must complete the residency exemption form below.  Please make sure you submit all paperwork as proof of residency.

Residency Exemption From (PDF)

Housing Application Forms:
Interested in applying for Rock Row, THV or OCH?  Listed below are the forms you need to complete the process.  Please make sure all forms are turned in by the deadline.
2016-2017 Group Application Instructions (PDF) 
Application Timeline (PDF) 
Leadership Transcript Form (PDF) 
Rock Row Properties Amenities (PDF) 
OCH House Amenities (PDF) 
THV Properties Amenities (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 2 Person Application (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 3 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 4 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 5 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 4 person-2 bedroom application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 2 person-1 bedroom application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 6 person-2 bedroom application (PDF) 
THV 6 Person/3 Bedroom (PDF) 

Desk Assistant:
If you have federal work study and are interested in a position with Residence Life become one of our desk assistant.  A desk assistant works the front desk in each of our residence halls and answers questions for students and checking in visitors.  If you have any questions please contact Grant Carlson at 816-501-4126.  Please fill out the application below.  
Desk Assistant Application
Returning Desk Assistant

Forgot to make you prepayment? 
No, problem click Payments.

Break Housing:
Residence Halls remain open for Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break and Easter Break. For security purposes students remaining on campus during these breaks must register with the Residence Life Office, by 4:30 p.m. on the Tuesday prior to the break.  Generally there is limited dining service during breaks.  Residents will be notified of dining times and available locations.  
Break Housing

Housing Damage Appeals:
To appeal your housing damage charges please fill out the appeal form below.  All appeals are reviewed by a three-member Review Board of Appeals, consisting of a student and two staff or faculty members not employed by Residence Life.  If your appeal is denied by the Board the rationale for the denial will be provided in the Appeal Decision letter sent to you via your Rockhurst email address. All decisions by the Board of Appeals is final.  
Damage Appeal Form