Returning Resident

All current students looking for campus housing in the upcoming year have the option to live in either a residence hall or in one of the group housing units. For housing rates, see the Residence Life Contract linked below.

Please follow the housing application instructions below.

  1. Please download and review the Residence Life Contract (PDF) before completing your group application for the upcoming year.
  2. Students who currently live in Rockhurst campus housing must complete this application for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters). Each student must complete an individual online application. A confirmation will be emailed to you.
  3. If applying for Townhouse Village (THV) or On Campus Housing (OCH), print and complete one group application per group (linked below), in addition to your individual applications.
  4. Groups applying for an OCH or THV unit must submit the following:
    • One group application for the type of unit for which you are applying
    • Confirmation page for each student from the individual online application, which is sent via email upon completion of the individual application
    • Rock Web unofficial transcript
    • Service Hour Transcripts, which should be requested in advance from the Service Learning Center in Van Ackeren 200 G or online. Service transcripts will be sent electronically from the Service Leaning Center to the Residence Life Office.
    • Leadership Transcript with signatures from the sponsor of each organization. Student signatures are not acceptable. If you have questions regarding your Leadership Transcript or problems getting signatures, please visit Massman 4.

Housing During Breaks
Residence Halls remain open during fall break, Thanksgiving break and Easter break.  THV and OCH communities remain open during fall break, Thanksgiving break, winter break and spring break. For security purposes, students remaining on campus during breaks must register with the Residence Life Office. Students will be notified prior to breaks in order to complete registration for break housing.

Food Service During Breaks
Limited food service is available for students staying on campus during semester breaks. Dining Services will notify students about locations and times of operation prior to breaks. Cash, debit cards or credit cards will be the only transaction used during breaks.

Thanksgiving Break Housing Registration

Additional Returning Student Application Forms
Group Application Instructions (PDF) 
Leadership Transcript Form (PDF) 
Application Timeline for 2016-2017 (PDF) 
Residence Life Contract 2016-2017 (PDF) 
Residence Life Contract 2015-2016 (PDF) 
OCH Amenities 2016-2017 (PDF) 
THV Properties for 2016-2017 (PDF) 
Rock Row Amenities (PDF) 
Rock Row Advert (PDF)

2016-2017 Townhouse Village and On Campus Housing Group Applications:
2016-2017 4 Person-4 Bedroom New Unit (Rock Row) (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 2 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 3 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 4 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 OCH 5 person application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 4 person/2 bedroom application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 6 person/3 bedroom application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 2 person/1 bedroom application (PDF) 
2016-2017 THV 6 person/2 bedroom application (PDF)