DO/MBA Program Benefits

The Kansas City University DO/MBA dual-degree program successfully integrates two professional curricula. Dual-degree students complete both degrees in four years and walk across the graduation stage at KCU with other members of their class, receiving their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine along with a Rockhurst MBA.

Other important benefits of this new program are:

  • Emphasis on practical skills development.
  • Extensive use of contemporary health care examples, exercises, simulations and live case studies.
  • Frequent interaction with practicing Kansas City health care professionals as guest presenters and hosts for field visits.

Graduates with a Rockhurst MBA in health care leadership will be able to:

  • Pursue best business practices and employ leadership techniques that contribute to high quality patient care.
  • Apply legal, ethical and social responsibility concepts to strategy formulation and business operations.
  • Effectively use the "language of business," and understand how business practices and processes work in concert to create efficient managerial systems.
  • Understand how organizations and health systems function, and explore new governance models and best teamwork paradigms from a wide variety of industries.
  • Formulate and implement a vision, mission and business strategy in a way that fosters common purpose and teamwork.
  • Identify and analyze issues, formulate and communicate plans, and apply appropriate resources to accomplish tasks.
  • Set up a practice with the flexibility to meet change and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Lead organizations to attract and retain excellent staff in a highly competitive job market, understanding current legal and employment issues/concerns.
  • Use technology, resources and information in a way that maximizes efficiency and improves effectiveness.
  • Apply self-management skills to practice medicine and manage organizations with insight, and to balance personal needs with the greater good of stakeholders.