DO/MBA Program Schedule

The MBA program schedule is carefully integrated to avoid conflicts with the student's medical school obligations.

Schedule Format

An introductory MBA class is offered In January of MSI meeting one evening a week for 8 weeks. The majority of subsequent MBA course work is completed during the two summer sessions between MS-I and  MS-III. Evening MBA classes meet weekly during MS-III and can be completed on-ground or asynchronously from any clinical rotation site in the country. The program concludes with an on-line capstone class during the spring of MSIV. 

Weekends & Breaks

Summer session MBA classes are scheduled Monday through Thursday allowing a 3-day weekend every week. In previous years we have been able to include a week long break from MBA classes during the summer term.  Spring and Fall MBA classes are held one evening a week in an 8-week term.

Board Preparation

We are mindful of how important board preparation is to medical students, thus we do not hold MBA courses during the entire MSII. Ample time is provided to complete the board exam prior to beginning MBA classes during the summer between MS-II and MSII. 


If you have questions regarding the course rotation and schedule please call the Healthcare Leadership office at 816-501-3448, or email us at