Writing Certificate

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Program Description 

Rockhurst University provides the opportunity to earn a writing certificate through regular courses offered in the department of English. Writing skills are highly-sought in any student, no matter the career path. By establishing strong fundamental writing skills in lower-division English classes, and enhancing those skills with specialized electives, the writing certificate program at Rockhurst is a highly valuable addition to many degrees.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Students pursuing a writing certificate will gain a foundational education in college, English, and honors composition
  • Writing certificate students will have the opportunity to hone their programs to fit their area of interest

Prospective Students 

Current Students 


  • After completing the required coursework, students will receive a certificate certifying that they have completed the prescribed course of study


  • Graduates with a writing certificate will have the chance to explore writing-related careers including creative writing, professional writing, and tech writing
  • Strong writing skills are in high demand both academically and professionally; a writing certificate can greatly improve hirability in graduates