Modern Languages: International Journalism

Students walking on campus

The International Journalism program is an interdisciplinary program that combines a major in either French or Spanish with a minor in Journalism. Another minor in a second language (French, German or Spanish) is recommended if the student enters language courses at the advanced level (3100 or higher) in the freshman year. Six credits in language, literature, culture, communication or journalism courses taken abroad in the target language are required for non-native speakers. Non-native speakers of English are required to complete a minor in English (if they are native speakers of Spanish or French).

The International Journalism program prepares the student not only for a challenging and exciting career track but also for global citizenship. Language studies cultivate cultural sensitivity in the student, and journalism studies train one to communicate with those of diverse backgrounds on a variety of issues.

A complete list of courses needed for the International Journalism degree can be found on the online catalog page.