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Required Immunizations and TB Testing

All newly enrolled or readmitted students at Rockhurst University are required to comply with the Immunization/Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Policy. Students may submit vaccination information online through our Submission Process.  Please obtain copies of your immunization records demonstrating proof of vaccination for measles, rubella and mumps. Tuberculosis screening is a questionnaire that students must complete.  If a student answers no to all the questions found on the questionnaire, the student is considered to have been effectively screened and no further action is needed.  Each student shall attest that the information submitted on his/her TB screening questionnaire is true to the best of his/her knowledge and shall submit the signed screening test results to Rockhurst University.  If a student answers yes to any of the statements found on the TB screening questionnaire, Rockhurst University requires that a TB risk assessment by a health care provider be completed within 6 months or prior to the student's enrollment for the subsequent semester.

Each student required to undergo a TB risk assessment by a health care provider shall submit appropriate written documentation of his/her TB risk assessment results, including but not limited to any skin test results, blood test results or chest x-ray results signed by an appropriate health care provider.

*Students who do not comply with these requirements will not be allowed to register for their second semester.

Vaccination Requirements

As a student who will be residing in any on-campus residential facility, you must comply with the current vaccination practices as recommend by the American College Health Association and the Center for Disease Control.

The Required Vaccinations include:

-Documentation of two MMR's (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) or serum screening titer verifying immunity to Rubella
-Documentation of meningococcal (Meningitis) vaccination or a signed waiver (which we will provide) stating that you have received the educational information and have decided not to have the vaccination.
-Any student entering Rockhurst from outside the United states must who evidence of tuberculin (TB) screening within 12 months.  Positive screens must be treated.
-All students must be screened for Tuberculosis (TB).  All identified at-risk students must be tested.  All positive tests must be treated.

The Recommended Vaccinations include:

-Tetanus booster within 10 years of admission (strongly recommended for all adults)
-Varicella vaccination (if there is not a childhood history of chickenpox)
-Hepatitis B vaccination (all incoming college students)

All immunization history should be submitted at Immunization Process.

Mandatory Insurance for International Students

Health care in the U.S. is a private system that is complex and expensive. To make sure that you are able to cover any medical expenses, RU requires that all international students purchase the insurance plan provided through the Rockhurst University. This plan provides excellent benefits for international students at a reasonable cost. All F-1 students will be charged on their RU student account when they enroll for any number of credit hours.

Please refer here for more information

Contact Information regarding Insurance/Vaccinations

Susan Janet  (Student Development), 816-501-4127.