Leadership Development Minor

Professors and student walking down hallway

Our 15-credit-hour leadership development minor is designed to pair well with any undergraduate program. It’s a great add-on that can help you differentiate yourself to future employers or on graduate school applications.

The minor consists of three required courses and two electives.

Required Courses (9 Credit Hours)

All three of these courses will be taken as part of the leadership development minor.

  • LDV 2000, Foundations of Leadership Development, 3 credit hours

A foundational course that explores the nature of leadership, helps you understand yourself as a leader, introduces you to leadership theory, and challenges you to observe a leader in action.

  • LDV 3000, Leading Collaborative Change, 3 credit hours

Identify a change you would like to see on campus or in society and work in teams to devise a hypothetical plan to advance change. Plans integrate course topics such as collaboration, managing conflict and leading in diverse contexts. (Prerequisite: LDV 2000)

  • LDV 4000, Applied Leadership, 3 credit hours

Apply what you’ve learned about yourself as a leader, then arrange and assume a leadership role on campus, at work or in a service project. Reflect on what you learn about yourself, your strengths and opportunities for growth. Devise a plan for the future. The course uses a validated leadership instrument to provide feedback to inform planning. (Prerequisites: LDV 3000 or adviser permission)

Electives (6 Credit Hours)

Rockhurst offers the following courses as electives to further customize your  leadership development minor. Each of these courses offers leadership skill building and allow you to explore leadership in real life situations and expand your world view.

You’ll need to select one course from each list:

Core Electives (Select One)

  • CA 3000, Catholic Social Teaching
  • EN 3200, Exploring the Self in Reading and Writing
  • HS 3250, Europe Since 1945
  • HS 3670, American Indian History
  • HS 3710, Protest Movements in 1960s US
  • HS 3810, History of Women in America
  • HS 3912, History of Modern Middle East
  • HS 3920, Modern South Asia
  • HS 4100, History as Biography
  • PL 3250, Virtue and Character
  • PS 3100, The American Presidency
  • PS 3170, Political Leadership
  • PY 3400, Developmental Psychology
  • PY 4400, Social Psychology
  • TH 4450, World Religions

Skill Building and Leadership Electives (Select One)

  • CT 3000, Listening for Personal and Professional Success
  • CT 3300, Presentational Speaking
  • CT 3580, Intercultural Communication
  • CT 4350, Organizational Communication
  • CT 4860, Group Communication
  • MG 3300, Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • MG 3500, Leadership Development
  • NP 3070, Community Engagement
  • NP 3090, Volunteer Management and Program Planning
  • Study Abroard for credit (need adviser approval)

Other Options to Bring Leadership Into Your Degree Plan

In addition to the leadership development minor, Rockhurst also offers the following options to allow you to add more leadership skills to your pocket.

3-Course Option

  • LDV 2000, Foundations of Leadership Development OR
  • LDV 3000, Leading Collaborative Change OR
  • Leadership course in your major AND
  • Applied Leadership course

2-Course Option

  • LDV 2000, Foundations of Leadership Development AND
  • LDV 3000, Leading Collaborative Change

1-Course Option

  • LDV 2000, Foundations of Leadership Development