Exercise and Sport Science

Exercise and Sports Science
Rockhurst offers a bachelor of science in exercise and sport science, which integrates classroom and hands-on internship experiences. To suit your interests and career goals, you can choose between two tracks of study. The health and fitness track prepares majors for entry into health professional programs (e.g. physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medicine) as well as for other careers and graduate work in exercise science.  A new sport management track prepares majors for entry level positions into a broad world of careers in sport management and the business of sport from high school to professional levels. This track has a required, full-time (12 credit hour) internship in the final semester.  This is intended to provide students with real-world, hands-on experiences in the business and management of sport. The tracks are described below.

Health and Fitness Track
The track requires 27 credit hours in exercise science courses along with 32 credit hours of basic lower and upper division science courses.  Many of these science classes are prerequisites for the exercise science courses. You will also complete a practicum in the health and fitness field under the direct supervision of a practicing professional. Students interested in pursuing a Rockhurst University graduate degree in physical therapy or occupational therapy are encouraged to discuss this with their adviser as early as possible to ensure all prerequisites are satisfied. Additionally, students interested in medical school may also be interested in this major.

This track is excellent preparation for a career as an exercise professional in fitness or sports performance enhancement or graduate study in exercise science. Graduates of this track will be prepared for careers in areas such as personal training in sports and fitness clubs, rehabilitation (e.g. geriatric centers, medical rehabilitation units), and corporate fitness and wellness.

Sport Management Track
This new major requires 33 credit hours in sport management courses, along with a certificate in business management (24 credit hours) offered by the Helzberg School of Management. You will also complete a full semester, full-time internship in a sport management setting. Students completing this track are eligible to apply for the fifth-year MBA program through the Helzberg School of Management at Rockhurst University.

Potential careers include entry level positions in the business of sport including marketing and communications, facilities and event management, and other areas integrated into the management and business of sports teams, athletic departments and related businesses.

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For more information, contact Terry Forge, director of advising for the College of Health and Human Services.