Conference Services

Rockhurst University Campus

Conference Services at Rockhurst University is designed to fulfill the University’s mission of transforming lives by being involved in the life and growth of the city and the region. As a Jesuit institution, Rockhurst is built upon core values that are not only instilled within the lives of the students, faculty and staff, but also to all visitors to the University.

With the mission of the University and the core value of magis, meaning “more,” Conference Services at Rockhurst University is prepared to provide your group with more than a good experience on our campus; our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable experience. 

By providing the venue for your camp, conference or event, Rockhurst’s Conference Services strives to help transform the lives of all those who step foot onto campus. 

Our facilities are clean and comfortable with up-to-date technology, three different lodging accommodations, and personable, helpful staff. Your time at Rockhurst – no matter how brief – will be more than just a visit; it will become a memory.

From camps for young children, to conferences, to meetings, to housing for interns, from afternoon events to events taking place over several months, Conference Services at Rockhurst University is the ideal place for you and your group to host your event. 

If you have any questions, please contact Grant Carlson, Conference Services Coordinator, at 816-501-4126 or

Event Options

Single-day Event Application

Rockhurst has a host of different facilities available for rental for single-day events or multiple-day events lasting up to a week. Below are a few of the many possibilities available.

  • Classrooms that can accommodate 20 – 40 individuals are available to be rented as meeting spaces or as breakout rooms for conferences.
  • Medium-sized rooms that can accommodate up to 150 individuals can be rented for activities such as meetings and dinners.
  • An auditorium that can accommodate up to 500 individuals is available for larger meetings, speakers and conferences.
  • A large event space with a maximum capacity of 500 individuals can be used for large dinners, conferences, meetings and other similar events.
  • Both the soccer field and the basketball fieldhouse are available for rental for sports camps and games.

Overnight Events

Overnight Event Application

For groups hosting an event on campus that will take place over the course of several days or up to a week – such as a conference or a sports camp – there are many facilities available to accommodate you.

Rockhurst has three different residence halls, each of which can accommodate up to 200 individuals. These buildings are traditional-style residence hall rooms with two beds per room and community-style bathrooms. Residence hall accommodations are only available for rental during the summer months.

If you wish to plan an event on campus that will be longer than a day and/or you wish to include on-campus housing accommodations to your event, please fill out the form below to begin your inquiry process. Once the form has been submitted, someone from Conference Services will be in contact with you about your event.

Summer Interns

Summer Internship Application

If you are a student interning in the local Kansas City area over the summer, Rockhurst has housing accommodations available for you. Long-term stays on Rockhurst’s campus will take place in On Campus Houses, or the OCHs. These houses are located adjacent to campus. They are fully functioning houses with full kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and at least one bathroom per house. Each house is furnished with a kitchen table, kitchen appliances, a bedframe, and a mattress. Depending on the unit, there are houses available that can accommodate, 2, 3, 4, and 5 people, but are only available for rental during the summer months.

While these houses are not directly located on campus, there are several safety and security measures in place to ensure occupants comfort. Rockhurst’s Security officers patrol the area and are available for on-call response 24-7, every day of the year. There are also several cameras in the area that a dispatcher monitors continuously. Finally, each house has an alarm system that can be set by house occupants, as an additional level of security.

If you wish to book your space for an extended period of time at Rockhurst, please fill out the following form. Please note that a $100 deposit is required at the end of the form to reserve your spot on campus.