Strategic Communication

Strategic communication classroom

The B.A. in Strategic Communication requires lower-division requirements of CT 2000, CT 2040 and JN 2000.

Two semesters of college-level study of one language other than English also are required. This requirement also may be fulfilled by completing two semesters of college-level literature in one language other than English. In either case, these two courses must be taken for college credit.

The B.A. in Strategic Communication requires upper-division requirements of CT 3300, CT 3840, CT 3850, CT/JN 3500, CT/JN 4170, CT 4870, CT 4880 and CT 4940. Students also select six additional credits from the following: CT 3000, CT 4860, CT 4350, CT 4970, JN 3000, JN 3030, JN 3050, JN 4180, JNXXXX (special topics; by approval).

In addition, twelve hours of related coursework are required. Students choose four courses from the following: AR 3205, EN 3160, EN 3180, EN 3190, EN 4180, NP 3020, FD 4200, MK 3000, MK 3200 or a substitution with departmental approval.

Strategic Communication majors are required to compete in either the Dowling Oratory Contest or the Bourke Extemporaneous Speaking Contest to complete major requirements. A grade of C or better is required in each upper-division course required for the major. (A grade of C- will not satisfy the requirement.)

A list of communication course needed to complete the Strategic Communication degree can be found on the catalog web page.