Service Transcript

Students with rakes

The Service Transcript Program helps Rockhurst students build a service transcript during their college careers. Service transcripts may come in handy when completing scholarship applications, graduate school applications or during internship or employment interviews.

Participating in the program is simple:

  • pick up form at the Center for Service Learning (VA 200G) or download Service Transcript Form (PDF) ;
  • complete the forms for each community service or service-learning project in which you participate — remember to get the form signed by a supervisor, instructor or project leader; and
  • return completed form to the Center for Service Learning.

Requesting a Service Transcript

It is easy to request service transcripts online . Center for Service Learning staff will receive the request, print the transcript and have it waiting for you to pick up at the Center for Service Learning, Van Ackeren Hall room 200G.

Community Service

Voluntary community service may be a one-time, short-term project or a lengthy, on-going commitment by a group or an individual. Community service is not compensated monetarily (i.e. money, room, board, etc.). Examples of voluntary community service: tutoring a young student, working on a Habitat for Humanity house, Finucane Service Project, Safe Trick-or-Treat, coaching an athletic team, Scouting ecology badge workshop, participating in a blood drive, AIDS Walk, fundraising to donate to another organization, serving dinner at St. James Soup Kitchen.


Service-learning is a combination of community service and academic study. Through the assignment of a project that addresses community needs, students learn from community members and develop leadership skills while practicing theoretical knowledge gained in class.

Student Activities Not Included

Not all student activities are service activities. Here are some examples of student activities and honors that are NOT included on a service transcript: singing or reading at Mass, orientation leader, Student Ambassador, fundraisers for student organizations, playing on a sports team, participating in a club or organization, resident assistant, Sentinel staff, yearbook staff, acting in a play, singing in a chorus, service required by Disciplinary Committee, work study, most clinical projects, paid internships. If you have questions, please contact the Center for Service Learning.