McMeel Faculty Institute

Students smiling

The McMeel Family Faculty Institute on Service-Learning provides support to faculty to incorporate service learning into their classes.  The institute starts with a three-day, hands-on workshop where facilitators guide participants through the steps of developing a service learning project that meets authentic community needs and aligns with academic learning outcomes. McMeel Faculty Institute participants contribute to service learning at Rockhurst through their engagement in compelling and stimulating community-based learning experiences for students, and by disseminating knowledge to their colleagues.

The Center for Service Learning would like to thank the following faculty members for being part of the McMeel Institute and for their support of service learning at Rockhurst:

Year One: Lisa Felzien, Jennifer Oliver, and Laura Salem

Year Two: Laura Janusik, Annie Lee, Dan Martin, Catherine Thompson, and Robert Vigliotti

Year Three: Rocio De la Rosa Duncan, Margaret Wye, and Elizabeth Zayat

Year FourMay session: Nancy Donaldson, Kathleen Madigan, and Susan Proctor
December session: Anne Pearce, Emmett Perry, Chad Scholes, and Mindy Walker

Year Five: Katie Fischer Clune, Zdenka Guadarrama, John Kerrigan, Cecilia Samonte, Mandi Sonnenberg, and Christina Wills

Year Six: Matt Beverlin, LaKresha Graham, Cheryl McConnell, Tony Tocco, and Carol White

Year Seven: Carol Koch, Hilary Logan, James Millard, Shirley Scritchfield

The Center for Service Learning is your resource.  If you have questions about service learning or would like to know more about the McMeel Family Faculty Institute, please contact Julia Vargas, director, Center for Service Learning, 816-501-4545,