Rockhurst High School Faculty Discount Program

Rockhurst University offers its existing Alumni Discount Program to full-time faculty members at Rockhurst High School.  The program will be offered using current program guidelines and limitations (detailed below) with the following modifications:

  • Rockhurst High School faculty members may take either one undergraduate or one graduate course per semester and receive the 50% tuition discount.
  • If applying as a non-degree or certificate-seeking student, Rockhurst High School faculty members will follow appropriate application and documentation processes.  If applying as a degree-seeking student, Rockhurst High School faculty members must meet all appropriate admission requirements for the relevant program.

Enrollment through the Alumni Discount Program will be on a space available basis only. Alumni are limited to one course per semester and a total of one course in the summer. The University reserves the right to exempt certain courses or programs from the Alumni Discount Program, such as nursing, independent studies, and other courses and programs the University may specify from time to time. Enrollment for students participating in the Alumni Discount Program will be held after regular students have completed pre-registration. Although alumni are encouraged to seek information and readmission early, alumni may not enroll for classes under this program until two weeks in advance of the first day of classes for that term.

Enrollment in a class prior to this time will invalidate participation in the Alumni Discount Program for that semester or term.

Tuition for the Alumni Discount Program is to be one-half of the regular tuition for the particular course plus any special fee (e.g., lab fees). Tuition must be paid in full at the time of enrollment in order for the discount to apply. Tuition for a course under the Alumni Discount Program will not be applied to any other payment plan.

Full-time employment as a faculty member will need to be verified through Rockhurst High School’s Human Resources Department. An eligibility certification form (PDF) will have to be completed by the high school HR department and submitted to the university prior to registering for courses each semester.

To apply for courses, contact Erin Standley at 816-501-4632 or