Physical Therapy Program Goals

  1. To prepare a diverse group of physical therapists who are generalists and who demonstrate competence, compassion and social justice in their practice.
  2. To research, design and implement curriculum and instructional strategies that encourage maximum engagement and preparation of students for clinical practice and professional responsibility.
  3. To facilitate the development of graduates who demonstrate active engagement and leadership in professional and community arenas during and after the program in physical therapy.
  4. To contribute to the growth of physical therapy education and physical therapy practice through the dissemination of scholarship in the areas of discovery, integration, application, teaching and learning.
  5. To contribute to the profession of physical therapy through the active engagement and leadership of faculty in professional and community arenas.
  6. To implement and sustain university and community partnerships that serve, support and enrich students, faculty and community constituents.
  7. To recruit and develop faculty who demonstrate support of the mission and vision of the university and the profession.