Occupational Therapy Service

OT and PT Pro Bono Clinic

RockUCARES, a Pro Bono Clinic developed by faculty and students from Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs, compliments the learning and service mission of Rockhurst University. Developed in cooperation with the KC CARE Clinic, it provides a midtown clinic to serve the needs of people who are uninsured. This clinic enhances the quality of life for those citizens while helping Rockhurst faculty and students live our moral and economic responsibilities as citizens of this community.

Graduate students from OT and PT, in their final year of study, serve as clinic administrators. Assisted by faculty mentors, the clinic administrators organize and run each clinic. First, second, and third year PT and first and second year OT students volunteer to assist with evaluations and patient education. All students are supervised by academic and/ or clinical faculty from OT and PT.

The clinic is held one Friday a month at the KC CARE Clinic.  Each clinic scheduled will give volunteer students the opportunity to assist with any special screenings and also perform basic assessments such as ROM, MMT, sensory testing, blood pressure, and posture. Students should review all of these assessments before attending the clinics.

Service Partnership with St. Elizabeth Catholic School

The Rockhurst department of Occupational Therapy collaborates with St. Elizabeth Catholic School to provide learning experience opportunities for children attending early childhood program at St. Elizabeth’s.  This program strives to support and promote the child’s developmental milestones as they engage in play, student learning, and social participation. 

Graduate students from OT, serve in the implementation of group activities to children of following age groups; 3, 4 and 5 year-olds.  A student OT administer serves to schedule and coordinate with teaching staff at St. Elizabeth’s, plan for group sessions and provide semester summary of group sessions to teachers and parents.  All students are supervised by academic OT faculty members.

The program is held one Friday a month during the academic school year at St. Elizabeth’s.  Parents provide consent for their child to participate in the service learning sessions offered by OT graduate students. The occupational therapy sessions focus on the development of hand skills, sensory motor experiences, gross motor coordination, and behavioral instruction.

Service Learning Partnerships

Each spring, the Rockhurst Occupational Therapy first students, partner with a local agencies committed to providing care for individuals with special needs or disabilities.  These service-learning partnership provide multiple learning and service opportunities for students.  We are grateful for the local agencies who welcome the Rockhurst OT students in: American Stroke Foundation, Hope Care Center, Parkinson's Foundation of the Heartland, Developing Potential, Inc., Midnight Farms, Northland Therapeutic Riding Center, and the Mission Project.