St. Thomas More Society

$2,500 - $4,999 to the University during the 2015-2016 fiscal year

Sorted by Last Name or Company/Organization

A - Z

Alpha Sigma Nu Inc.
AMC Entertainment, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Norman I. Bamber
Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Berriozabal
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Angelo Brisimitzakis
Richard and Jane Bruening
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Connor
Construction Financial Management Association
Consular Corps of Greater Kansas City
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cosgrove
Country Club Bank
Ms. Margaret E. Cox
Paul Denzer and Sue Bernstein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Deuel
Mr. Gary Dierks
Ms. Victoria J. Dill
Dr. Douglas Dunham
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Fague
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Fahey
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Farnan
Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Grawer
Ms. Terri Greenwell
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Halpin Jr.
Mr. Jeffrey Hanslick
Harley-Davidson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Heenan
Mr. Tony Hein
Mr. Louis Heitlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel V. Hiatt
Mr. and Mrs. Tracey L. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Houlehan
Dr. and Mrs. John J. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Whitney E. Kerr
Kiewit Power Constructors Co.
Mr. John J. Krivas
NAI LaSala-Sonnenberg
S. DeAnn Lehigh
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Leung
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Lindley
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Lockee
Mr. David M. Lockton
Almyrta Long Estate
Mrs. James A. McCasland
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. McDonnell
Mr. James P. McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. James M. McLaughlin
Roger Davis and Elizabeth McLeod
Jean Bante Moore and Stephen Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John Mosher
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Murphy
Stephanie and Todd Navrat
Nichols Company Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Nigro Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John E. Oxler
D.H. Pace Company, Inc.
Paragon Capital Management
Procter & Gamble
Olivia Raya Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Raya
Mr. and Mrs. George Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reiter
Ms. Madeline M. Romious
Drs. Lawrence and Jane Rues
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Schaefer
Mr. Lawrence D. Seck
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stephens
Ms. M. Jeannine Strandjord
John J. Sullivan Jr. Charitable Trust
Mr. Richard J. Teahan
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Teahan
Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Trozzolo
U.S. Engineering Company
Mr. Gerald L. Wasleski
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Weber
Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program
Mr. and Mrs. William K. White
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Zupanec