The Helzberg School of Management’s Bachelor of Arts in Economics guides students to a better understanding of how the decisions made by businesses and consumers influence the economy on a national and global scale. Students get a real-world view of how resources are allocated, prices determined, incomes are redistributed and economic growth is promoted. With a values-driven curriculum and experienced faculty, students discover the social science behind economics and how it impacts the well-being of society. Here, we equip leaders with the proper analytical, ethical and communication skills necessary to succeed in economics.

Degree Tracks

Students have the option of choosing one of three economics tracks: social justice; policy: global, national and industrial; and law and economics.

Law and Economics Track represents a flourishing area of economics due to the natural ties between economics and the study of law and policy. Both fields are intricately tied to issues of justice, responsibility and legal order. In this track, students are prepared for law school and other graduate programs in the social sciences. View curriculum and course descriptions.

Policy: Global, National and Industrial Track prepares students to go directly into the work force or to graduate school. As a graduate student, you'll be ready to expand your economic studies with more a specific focus. If you decide to gain practical experience immediately upon graduation, you can expect to find opportunities in a variety of industries from business services to health care to international organizations. View curriculum and course descriptions.

Social Justice Track is for students interested in interdisciplinary fields such as sustainability, development, and peace and justice studies. The social justice economics curriculum develops the skills required to serve organizations that make the greatest impact in our local and global communities. If you have a passion for serving others, the social justice track is for you. View curriculum and course descriptions.

Transferring to Rockhurst?

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