Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., Presents From Galileo to Laudato Si’: Why Science Needs Faith

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 - 7:00pm
Linda Hall Library

Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., Director of the Vatican Observatory in Rome, will speak on the intersection of faith and science. Logic and reason must always start with assumptions, and the assumptions behind science are, at their root, religious assumptions. Our core beliefs not only determine how we expect the universe to work; they also and just as importantly supply the motivation for the science we do, and indeed they determine why we as individuals choose to be scientists. The nature of how we understand this relationship, however, has changed radically from the time of Galileo, when science was still being invented; and that change continues to this day, as can be seen in the way Pope Francis has blended science and faith in his recent encyclical Laudato Si’.

The lecture is co-sponsored by Rockhurst University and Linda Hall Library. More information may be found at

To attend this free presentation and currently accepting a waitlist. For more information, contact Katie Bolton at or 816-501-4551.