Learning Goals

In keeping with the Jesuit Tradition and Mission of education of Rockhurst University, by graduation, College of Arts & Sciences students will demonstrate knowledge of key concepts and ways of knowing in the humanities (the term humanities includes both philosophy and theology & religious studies as is typical throughout higher education within the U.S.), social and behavioral sciences, natural and physical sciences, and mathematics that they can apply to the personal, communal, and global issues of our times. College of Arts & Sciences students will demonstrate the intellectual skills and capacities needed for creative and just engagement in an ever-changing global community. College of Arts & Sciences students will also demonstrate an informed concern for—and determination to create—a just and better world, and they will synthesize their core and major studies to connect them to new settings and problems.

  • Demonstrate competence in a chosen field of study, integrate various disciplinary perspectives, and apply that academic knowledge. (Academic Knowledge)
  • Exhibit collaborative leadership skills and teamwork. (Leadership)
  • Demonstrate effective written and oral communication. (Communication)
  • Demonstrate awareness of global interconnectedness that reflects an appreciation of humanity's diversity and commonality, and an understanding of cultures other than one's own. (International and Cultural Understanding)
  • Engage ideas and issues thoughtfully, critically, creatively, and compassionately. (Critical and Creative Thinking)
  • Exhibit ethical grounding in both word and action, and act as agents of positive social change. (Ethics and Social Justice)
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of personal values, beliefs, gifts, challenges, and connectedness to others, along with the responsibilities these qualities bring. (Self Formation)